New on Beetnic is a feedback link redirecting you to our customer service and support center. If you have a question to ask, or need any assistance with using beetnic service, just click on the link. You’d find this at the top right corner of your page. I’d be on hand to respond to all your queries or feedback. There are four major actions you can carry out with our online support service:

If you need any help on any of our service features, enter your question and if possible give details of what you’re trying to do. Be rest assured that you’d receive a response in less than 24hrs.

If you’d like to make suggestion on service improvement, please feel free to use this link. We love it when you send us suggestions.

Oops! We can’t be few of little hitches. Tell us if you encountered a problem in the course of using our service. We’ll be glad to retrace our path.

This brings smiles on our face. A little praise makes us love you more and keeps us on our toes.

Get buzzing now!

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The debate room feature included in countries serves as a medium for members to participate in topics related to their countries. You can participate in various topics ranging from politics to technology. We’ve made the topic selection easier for you by classifying the topics into six different categories; Technology, Entertainment, Business, Culture, People and Sport. You would see a tag cloud on the right hand side of the window showing these categories. Based on your interest, select a category and all open debates related to your selection will be brought to screen. When you pick a news headline Beetnic opens the news from its source in an embedded window as shown below. This allows you read the news quickly in detail. To come back to the debate room just close the window following the link at the top.


Its time to react! Simply click on React, to post your comment.

 Your comment will be seen by all. In some cases you can startup a debate from your comment. This is a good way to start up your personal debate; other members who share or object to your view will be able to make their comments. To build your debate room you can invite friends or communibee members to take part while you moderate.

Here’s a trick: In other to start off a good debate, comment intelligently.


Paulette – Beetnic team

If you’ve logged into Beetnic lately you might have noticed that we have placed ‘Countries’ as your primary home page. We transferred the previous home page to “Media” tab so if you click on ‘Media’ you get to see all recent uploads on Beetnic. The reason for this change is to take you directly to your countries of interest. This way you can view and read breaking news from each country as well as participate in open debates. Its time to get more involved with your countries besides Beetnic is about countries and people. We’ve also displayed top active countries on the home page.

What’s more?

You can ask fellow country members questions using Topics Q&A.  Tell others about upcoming events in your locality by adding events quickly to your country page. 

Locating countries

Here’s a tip to finding more countries:

  • To view more countries, simply click on All Countries to search for country.
  • Choose a region (Asia, Pacific, Africa,….) then select your country.
  • Choose any headline, this opens in a pop-up. Click on React to add your comment.

Happy reading!

Paulette- Beetnic team

Congratulation! The bullish companies are taking the the lead. We are proud to see two new clients launch on Beezbox enterprise 2.0 platform.



Mnemos www.mnemos.com is a social network operated by Balthazar a Management Consulting firm. The service is geared towards executives and managers seeking to develop expertise in Management. Balthazar will be using this tool to retain professionals who have been trained in its training methodology (MNEMOS) to develop and purchase additional seminar cycles. Secondly, Mnemos  social network will be offering its very large corporate customers( SNCF, EADS, FNAC, SIEMENS, AIR FRANCE,…) a new line of service: a community strategized for employees with online coaching. “What a revenue generator?” you would say. Félicitation Mnemos!


Footemotion www.footemotion.com is a multimedia journal (same concept as “La Rue 89”) dedicated to football for children between the 6 to 15 years. Footemotion targets all amateur clubs that commune in France. Assuming that there is a club of 20 kids in common, you imagine the potential of members (players and their parents )…. This is sure a very innovative business model!

Interesting 2.0 enterprise mentors. If you are a CEO, CIO, decision maker, or you think your project team will find an internal social network a handle enterprise-wide business tool, you are not far from making the best business decision. You are just close to giving your organization “Corporate Facebook”.  Feel free to drop me a line.

Paulette – Beetnic team

We’ve been busy rectifying and putting the content upload system back in shape. I know you have been uploading videos, photos, audios and all but haven’t been seeing your uploads on your profile. My apologies the system went nuts…. but not again. I have uploaded a number of cool videos to keep you entertained and start up a great weekend for you. Don’t forget to UPLOAD your content.

Watch my video collection

Sharing PopcornHappy viewing!

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In a few weeks from now we will be launching our 3rd version of Beetnic. If you remember we launched the present version Beetnic V2 in December 2007, but didn’t stop there. We have been working on many new features to be included in V3. V3 will be having great features like language flexibility, a new profile page look, and a unique viral system, ………….. and many more.  I’ll be treating each feature in my subsequent post, so make sure you hook up with me to know what’s happening behind the scene.

Happy mingling!

Paulette – Beetnic team

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